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December 2010

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Part of me feels this is wrong to say... but the Yankees won the World Series so... its okay...

I decided, oh, about seventeen minutes ago that I want to walk the Freedom Trail in Boston (interject random comments about the Yankees and New York in general being sooooo much better than the Sox and Beantown... and another interjection with exclamation points behind it) before I die... or Jesus comes... which is basically the same thing.

So that may seem really random, and yes i suppose it is, but awhile back (think: a month) I sent my cousin a challenge to write a list of 75 things he wanted to do/see/experience before he cashes in his chips. He of course didn't accept the challenge as I knew he wouldn't and well... that was that. Until, oh, 25 minutes ago when I decided that on my bucket list, Freedom Trial, check alright. So I now have 1 official item, plenty of unofficial whims and 74 more to go...

In explanation for the subject... seems wrong that I chose Boston as my first entry on my list, as I am a born and raised New Yorker who loves my pinstripes and find self-proclaimed massholes obnoxious... doesn't it?

So you don't care, i know... but i warned you that I would be writing randomness and so... that's that.

BTW, saw Julie and Julia today (as my cousin insists on me putting in this) and remembered "hey! I have an LJ account..." so yes thank Julie and Julia and the filmmakers for this entry... it may be the only one for awhile... or I could surprise you all with constant and frequent (and some other word that means the same thing) updates...

stick around...